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Odor Counteracting Products:



  Bacteria/Enzyme Digester

  Garbage Odor Counteractant


  Pro-Air Aerosol

  Pro-Gel Absorbent

  Rug and Room

  Carpet Extractor



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PPC Products Are Used to Eliminate Odors for:

All Public Buildings

Nursing Homes



Juvenile Facilities



Public Transportation

Housing Authorities

State Correctional Institutions

Public Parks


PPC Odor Control Program

Odor Counteractants

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         Odor neutralization at the source with an environmentally safe and cost effective program

         Biodegradable and non-toxic

        Available to all Government Institutions

         Joseph Gdovic and Associates are agents for PPC Odor Counteractants and PPC Brand Product

         PPC products with USDA Authorization include:  PPC Concentrated Odor Counteractant, PPC Pro-Clean with Odor Counteractant PPC Bacteria Enzyme Digester with Odor Counteractant, PPC Pro-Zyme Traps, Drains and Sewer Treatment with Odor Counteractant and PPC Garbage Odor Counteractant Granules.